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This Beginner Yoga DVD is designed for the person that wants to have more balance and flexibility in their lives without all of the chanting and words that you can barely pronounce. We get it. You want to get the benefits without all of the extra. How can you focus on doing the poses correctly if you don’t understand what you are being told to do ?

This Beginner Yoga DVD  focuses on breath and yoga positions starting at the basic level. There video participants demonstrate the poses to meet you at your level of fitness. There is another feature to this DVD it is setup to work in segments. Which means you  don’t have to complete the entire series once you begin. You can start with one segment and then work your way up to completing the entire program series. You have full control over your yoga development. Isn’t that great?

You often hear about how relaxing yoga is and it’s true. Which is why at the end of the eYoga workout segments Elle provides you with a five-minute “Guided Relaxation.” You can also use this section to unwind after working all day. This guided relaxation is sure to give you peace that you need for a good nights rest. The best part about this segment of the DVD is that you can use  this section every single day.

This Beginner Yoga DVD is a great way to exercise, find balance, and relax as you visualize a healthier YOU!

e-Yoga…its’ everyday yoga for every body!