Inspirational Books for women


elle-evations are daily “pick-me-ups” to help you have more in Health, Wealth, and Love.

When you start your day, you have two options:

1) Take action that moves you forward, or
2) Stay in your comfort zone…and stay stuck!

In order to live a life that is elle-evated, you must get moving, keep going, and–no matter what–don’t stop.

Get rid of those Energy Zappers!

  • Upgrade your lifestyle daily!
  • Keep your cool and keep stress away!
  • Maintain a winner’s mindset!
  • Live in an “elle-evated” state day after day!

This book is like your favorite pair of jeans; the more you wear them, the better you look and feel. Read it again and again and watch just how high you will soar!

This is one of Elle’s Inspirational books for women that allows you to have daily focus so that you can Elle-evate your life in Health, Wealth & Love.