Love TV

Welcome to Season 2 of Guys Girls and Love.

Together Relationship Expert Elle Swan and her guest experts uncover attraction between the sexes, what works and the quirks of relationships in what proves to be insightful and delightful.

This show is filled with all the things you are thinking but dare not say. You will be at the water cooler discussing these topics for sure.

Wanna find out what not to do in public? Check out the “The Traffic Report” it’s filled with “no no’s” that Elle has observed throughout her travels. Put an end to the frustrations in your relationship with the “Roadblock” segment. It shows you how to fix what’s broken in less than a minute! At Last, get all the love you need with Elle’s “Love Kit.”

There will be no shortage of opinions this season and you are sure to learn, laugh and become more irresistible in your real life!

Watch Season 2 Episodes Now:

Episode #1: How to be Classy and Fabulous

Episode #2: The Law of Appearance

Episode #3: Reinvent Yourself in 30 Days

Episode #4: Be Fit Live Rich

Episode #5: Breaking out of Your Comfort Zone

Episode #6: 1st Impressions

Episode #7: What Does She Have, That I Don’t Have

Episode #8: Sexy at any Age

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