Elle’s Special Comeback Moments

Elle’s special Comeback Moments with Oprah, Roberto Cavalli, Piers Morgan, Wayne Dyer, Tom Ford, Brian Tracy, Robert Kiyosaki, Donovan McNabb and MORE!   

Elle & Roberto Cavalli 2013 Cannes
Elle and Group after shoot
Elle with Dr. Wayne Dyer
Elle with Norman Mr. Celebrity Insider Clark
Tom Ford & Elle Swan
Whole Foods CEO John Mackey & Elle
Skydiving Wide Shot
Elle with Clinton Kelly Host of What Not To Wear
Elle Swan Guest Appearance BraveHeart Women TV
Elle on Dr. OZ
Donovan Elle & Mayor of Scottsdale
Diane Von Furstenberg & Elle
Brian Tracy & Elle Swan
Elle Swan at Private Louis Vuitton Event
Elle Swan & Piers
Elle Swan with Roberto Cavalli at his Yacht Party during the 2013 Cannes Film Festival in France
Elle Swan - Cover Las Vegas Woman Magazine WTR 2012
Elle Swan is Wilhelmina Models Hot Body Finalist
Elle and Dr. Wayne Dyer
Elle with Oprah at the Diane Von Ferstenberg Annual Women's Charity Event
Elle with Norman "Mr. Celebrity Insider" Clark
Tom Ford
Whole Foods CEO John Mackey
She's Got The Look!
Elle with Robert Kiyosaki
Elle with Clinton Kelly host of "What Not To Wear"
Guest Appearance on BraveHeart Women TV
Elle on Dr. OZ!
Donovan McNabb, Elle Swan & W.J. Lane Mayor of Scottsdale, Arizona
With Diane Von Furstenberg !
With Brian Tracy
Elle Swan at Private Louis Vuitton Event
Elle and Piers Morgan at the MGM Grand, Las Vegas