Coaching Success Stories

A light force…

Elle Swan, what is she? Who is she? A light force perhaps. I am surely convinced that that is exactly what she is. Unexpectedly, I had my first encounter with Elle back in January of this year. She was hired to guest speak at a seminar I attended for work in Las Vegas, Nevada. Inspiring, captivating, “vibrant,” real, and getting down to a level where most humans will never go, Elle Swan takes you there and provides healing and growth while bringing about immediate results. Having had the privilege of being with her for four days during the seminar, I kept thinking to myself, Wait, don’t go, Elle, what about… She captivated the room, certainly my attention and I knew I wanted more of her.

Getting back to New Jersey, thought-provoking ideas created by Elle resonated within me and it was time to get to work. I called her immediately to hire her and have been working with her for almost four months now. Energy-driven, she moves me to become a more successful, healthier, wealthier and wiser woman. Creating a sense of wisdom and peace, she hones in on areas of weakness in my life while creating instant change. A driving force, an accountability partner, a coach, a spiritual guide, creatively, she gets me out of my own way using humor and often outrageous suggestions and ideas to take me to the next level. Oftentimes, I find myself thinking, What would Elle say while going about my day, which is helping me to create much stronger boundaries as my direction shifts to making better choices. I am more whole and, of course, much more vibrant as a result of this work.

Elle Swan has brought me closer to God. I’m pretty sure she was sent from above. Heavenly, she is making a difference in my world. I am blessed to have crossed her path.

Dana Srebrenick
New Brunswick, New Jersey

After leaving an abusive marriage, I have spent 2 years getting back to me. Using your tips for success, I am seeing huge progress in self-esteem, goals, and motivation. Looking back on how far I have come helped to feel positive about my progress and keep moving forward.

Ellen Jeffery

Since the first time ever working with Elle my vibrancy started to shift! My life had taken one deep slump after another, one dramatic turn after another. After years of abuse and a marriage I didn’t want to be in Stability, happiness, true love and worthiness are just a few of the things I didn’t know could be REAL! After just a few coaching sessions with Elle and putting into place the vibrant life I had always desired my life started to seem more Real! Elle Swan helped me to see the vibrant, powerful, beautiful, worthy and Anointed woman I am. One day the deep slumps and the dramatic turns started to happen less and less and stability was closer to a reality. What I once thought seemed to be impossible now showed to be very possible and living a life full of love, for myself and for others was my desire. Elle Swan coached me through what I had felt would be the most difficult decision of my life to what now looks like a stable home for myself and my son, happiness, true love and a prosperous business. When I look into the mirror now I see the powerful, beautiful, vibrant and anointed woman that I am! Thank You Elle Swan!

Amanda May

I would like to say I thank God for you. After reading your weekly, Elle-evated Success Tip, I lifted my head up all week long even though challenges were around me. I almost lost my apartment after losing my job this week. I took a chance and put in my resume for a company that my skills did not fully fit. With being interviewed by three people at the same time. I was offered the position and I start Monday. I’m choosing to live a healthier life style and enroll back in school to finish my business degree. I’m facing my fears and letting people go that should not be in my life.

Thank you again.

Myumi Whiteside


First of all, although I have always dressed sharp and received lots of compliments, I did not realize that I was downgrading myself which basically invalidated the value I received from the compliments. Often, after receiving a compliment, I would say something about how I had gotten such a bargain at such and such thrift store, or tell the massively low price I had paid for something I was wearing.

After coaching with Elle, I had my eyes opened when it was pointed out that by associating my clothing with thrift stores I was associating my entire image with this un-abundant level of thinking and being!

This was something I had not realized and never considered! After changing my habits and no longer going into thrift shops or even bargain stores, or talking about it, I created a whole different feeling within me. I feel I carry myself with more success in my vibration, my walk, obviously in my speech and in my value of myself. I now have the confidence of a classy, abundant dresser and person.

I love the new me even better!

Donna Govan,
Mesa, Arizona & the World

Before working with Elle I did not have clear boundaries in my life and my business.

There were many times I was taken clear advantage of and did not feel strong enough to stick up for myself. I now see my life and business clearly, not as though I am looking through a glass. My life now has limits and order! Getting focused on my real goals again, being able to call Elle every week knowing that there is so much room for personal growth and Elle helping me hit the next level. Realizing that being busy doesn’t mean I am successful and yet setting up a smart business plan will actually mean more success and less “being busy.” Working on my vibrancy doesn’t always mean I will make money at the time but I know that I will make me more money in the long run when I am vibrant in everything I do. Because of my coaching experience with Elle, I am much more vibrant in being at the next level of life a staying focused with healthy boundaries.

Amanda May
Los Angeles, CA

Until I started working with Elle I was stuck in a rut of making money but never having any money. It seemed as though no matter how hard I worked I still didn’t have any money. I knew something needed to shift in my thinking to create the results I want to see manifested in my life. For me personally the shift was recognizing and letting go of self destructive behaviors that like drinking, spending money unconsciously, and dating men that were not good for me. My favorite part aspect of coaching with Elle is gaining weekly clarity on things I need to accomplish and truly loving myself on a daily basis. My first true awakening was realizing that subconsciously I only believed I was worth earning 50k a year and until I changed that thought I would never make more. The second was realizing that I drank to fit in not because I really liked it and for me to become all of who God wanted me to be I had to stop. One word to describe Elle Swan: ABUNDANT!

Stephanie Ann Vehon
Las Vegas, NV

My life before I started coaching with Elle was great. Our book was done and in the marketplace, our relationship was smooth and supportive. My confidence was as good as I ever dreamed it could be from where I started. What I was missing was the next level of enthusiasm, consistency and reaching out with that confidence. I was looking for the professionalism of believing in myself. Elle is a great role model. I have someone to talk to who understands my goal. Elle gave me a very simple idea which helped me to start living at my next level. I was able to visualize a picture of how to exhibit more confidence in myself and my business. Now, I can apply the vibrant principles and change the energy for myself and the people that are around me. The way Elle talked to me as if I was already almost there inspired me to operate out of my steam level when I choose. Elle helped me stop some of the final hesitation I used to do before acting. Elle’s gentle but commanding voice gives you the strength to follow your dreams. What I value most about coaching with Elle is understanding the principles of Ice, Still Water and Steam. There is nothing more exlierating after having a 20 minute coaching session with Elle you feel 150% clearer and confident. What I have gained most from working with Elle is, preparing and taking more and more opportunities to speak and share my passion to help others without hesitation.

Donna Govan
Vice President of Rixx Lotio
Phoenix, AZ

I have lived most of my adult life wondering which horrible disease was going to kill me due to my weight. I was helpless, selfish and immature. I felt I could live however I wanted without consequence because that was the way it was meant to be. I would always be obese, alone and truly unhappy. I knew I was mentally smart and capable but my body would never be the vehicle which would allow me to be successful. I never imagined I could have a competent mind and functioning body. My perspective has changed. I have acquired a level of maturity which will no longer allow me to continue on a fatal path. My life is limitless and I look forward to the evolution of this journey. Elle has a no holds barred attitude. Instead of telling me a gentle story to avoid possible hurt feelings. She tells it like it is. I needed honesty to get myself out of the immature state I was in. I needed reality to slap me in the face. I enjoy talking with Elle because she comes from a place of common sense and truth. I realized I was immature. I realized that all of my fear of changing were unfounded and came from a place of ignorance. I honestly believe my future is limitless. I will be happy, healthy and helpful.

Marcella Williams
Las Vegas NV