Demo Reel Elle Swan

2014 Elle Swan DEMO Reel from elle on Vimeo.

This Demo Reel of Elle Swan reveals Life After; For years, Elle Swan woke up everyday chronically depressed, overweight and wishing that she would just die. Her darkest days left her addicted to drugs and alcohol, penniless and living on the streets of California. On May 29th 2000, during an overdose in an abandoned van, her misery merged with death and Elle Swan suddenly crossed-over into the pits of hell.

“But, when your soul knows you belong here,” she says, “it won’t let you go.”

Her miraculous comeback from deprivation and despair, to living a courageous life is nothing short of a miracle.

Today she’s and Inspirational Speaker for Women and a Life Coach who speaks all over the world teaching the benefits of rising above mediocre living. Her story and strategies have been featured on ABC, FOX, NBC, and PBS and in The Wall Street Journal. She is the author of several inspirational books for women including “Get Elle-evated: It’s Time for Your Comeback”

“I’ve dedicated my life to show women how to reclaim their power and live fearless lives!”

View Elle’s Demo Reel and see what becomes possible when you rise above fear.